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Why work at The Perse?

Eight reasons to make The Perse your first choice

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  1. Strong, clear values drive everything we do.

“Here is a school that empowers students to contribute not only to lessons, but also to the wider community; Perse students are always looking to put their hands up, rather than their hands out”

James Rhatigan, Teacher of Maths and Head of Year, the Upper

  1. The chance to work with the brightest minds. The Perse is an academically-selective school and over-subscribed at every entry point. It is a place where it is cool to be bright: students are intellectually curious and enjoy challenge, and academic success is as likely to be celebrated by classmates as by teachers.

“There is a real buzz to lessons, and the learning environment manages to be intellectually challenging and purposeful and yet also – in the right sense – relaxed and fun.”

Dr David Tricker, Head of Physics, the Upper

  1. The calibre of colleagues. Perse teachers come from a wide range of backgrounds – many had successful careers in industry or academia before heeding the call to teach, others join directly from university and receive a very thorough induction throughout their first year.

“The staff here are very talented, creative and committed to delivering the best education.”

Tobias Bown, Assistant Head (Academic), the Prep

  1. A serious commitment to professional development. We encourage teachers to be creative with their training needs and to undertake research and training. When it comes to qualifications, from PGCEs to Masters, and from Coaching Awards to International Mountain Leader Award, if the qualification will benefit the School as well as you, then we may be able to help pay for it.

“It is never a problem to go on a training course, there are lots of opportunities to take on additional responsibilities and there’s a great support network in place.”

Melanie Crichton-Maitland, Assistant Head (Pastoral), the Prep

  1. A competitive salary and benefits package including up to 50% off school fees. We expect a lot from our teachers, but we give a lot in return including generous responsibility payments and a top-quality pension.

“The school is really well resourced, and the head and senior leadership team have very much a ‘yes’ attitude to new ideas and opportunities.”

Siobhan Dickens, Director of Academic Development, the Upper

  1. A thriving extra-curricular programme. Staff are encouraged to get involved in running one of our many lunchtime or after school clubs and societies (100+ at the Upper, and 50+ at the Prep).

“By taking part in Perse life in this way, I am lucky enough to see such a wide range of students excelling in different areas, and it is this that I particularly love about the school.”

Ellie Thorne, Teacher of Geography, the Upper

  1. Fantastic facilities. We have invested £40m in our facilities in the last decade and are about to embark on building a state-of-the-art performing arts centre at the heart of the Upper and new science facilities at the Prep.

“Bright and spacious classrooms and modern science labs, alongside creative space, play space and superb sports facilities creates a wonderful learning environment.”

Daniel Cross, Senior Deputy Head, the Upper

  1. The warmest welcome. We know starting at a new school or teaching for the first time can be daunting, so we run a very comprehensive induction programme with sessions throughout the year, and extensive feedback through lesson observations, mentoring and supervision. New staff tell us their colleagues are friendly and helpful, and there are opportunities for teaching staff to mix informally with support staff in the common room, at lunch and at social events. “I’m so pleased I chose The Perse as the place to start my teaching career. The support I have had from my mentors, the formal training programme, and the opportunities to get involved with so many professional development activities are just some of the reasons my first year has been such a fantastic experience.”

 Alison Kemp, Teacher of Biology, the Upper

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