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The School Day

Our vibrant bunch of pupils lead busy lives in the School - no two days are the same


The School is open to pupils from 7.45am to 5.45pm (Monday to Friday). Outside these hours pupils may only be on site if attending an approved school activity such as a sports fixture, concert or rehearsal which is being supervised by a member of staff. The library provides a quiet environment for homework and other study from 7.45am until 5.45pm.

In order to gain maximum curriculum flexibility, we function within a ten-day timetable. The two weeks within the ten-day cycle are called Week A and Week B. Each week is clearly labelled in the school calendar. Timings of the school day and lessons can be found here.

New pupils are provided with a copy of their personal timetable, which specifies subjects, teachers and rooms. Tutors explain the workings of the timetable during the induction days in September. Pupils meet with their form tutor at least once a day.

Lunchtime activities take place between 1.15 and 2pm for all students. Please visit our ‘beyond the classroom’ pages for more information about the 100+ clubs and societies on offer.


There is a fortnightly timetable for assemblies and tutorials for each year group. Each year group will attend either a year group assembly (led by the Head of Year) or a sectional assembly (led by the Head of Section), and a whole school assembly (led by the Head). Years 7 to 11 also attend a pastoral assembly led by the Deputy Head (Pupils). Assembly content is varied, but usually linked to spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. A small number of whole school assemblies contain a hymn or a broadly Christian theme, however, the general ethos is more ‘thought for the day’, intended to involve all pupils.


Lunch is provided at The Perse by a team of trained chefs from Holroyd Howe. We seek to promote a healthy and balanced diet and provide students with new and interesting things to try, using fresh ingredients. Holroyd Howe source the best British produce including free range eggs, high quality fruit, vegetables and meat from local farmers, producers and artisan food suppliers, all of whom are selected on the basis of the fantastic quality of their produce.

Lunch is compulsory in Year 7 and 8, but optional thereafter.

The main servery counters offer three main course choices each day (including a vegetarian and a gluten free option), a range of vegetables, pasta with sauce and a hot dessert. In this area, pupils can also choose from a range of sandwiches, soup and salads. The sandwiches are made fresh, every day, and the salad bar holds a selection of salads and homemade bread. The soup is also always freshly made every day, using ‘non gluten containing’ ingredients, and there are a range of toppings to add. Pupils can also choose a cold dessert, yoghurt, or a fresh fruit salad pot. Pieces of whole fruit are also available as a dessert choice.

The assembly hall counter offers the same options as the main servery, but without the vegetarian main course, with an additional pasta bake and jacket potato options. The pasta bake option is almost always vegetarian, and there are a variety of toppings for the jacket potatoes including gluten free baked beans and grated cheese. A salad bar, a selection of cold desserts and whole pieces of fresh fruit are also available in the assembly hall.

Sixth formers can expect ‘café style’ service in the sixth form café. There are plenty of delicious hot main courses to choose from such as chilli and nachos, Caribbean beef with sweet potato mash or a hot honey roast ham panini, and there is always a vegetarian pasta bake available. Fresh homemade bread is also available to accompany all choices.

Please note that the Upper is not a nut-free zone but the Catering Department is. No food we produce contains nuts, however some ingredients may have been produced in an environment where traces of nuts can be found prior to arriving at The Perse.

After school clubs

There is a wide range of after school clubs for students to get involved in, from sport to science, music to outdoor pursuits, with something to suit all tastes and interests.

Please visit our ‘beyond the classroom’ section for more information on our diverse extra-curricular offering.

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