The Perse School

The House System

Opportunities to mix, compete, lead and have fun

Our aim

We run a House system to help pupils get to know peers in other years and to create extra opportunities for pupil leadership.

Students in Years 7 to the Lower Sixth are allocated to one of eight houses, although sixth formers participate in areas where they can offer support and assistance rather than in active competition. We run a sibling policy, so pupils with siblings already at the Upper can expect to be in the same house as their brothers and sisters, unless parents request otherwise.  We tell new pupils which House they belong to as part of their induction to the School.

Houses hold regular competitions in areas such as public speaking, general knowledge and cake decorating, and there are a variety of House music, sporting and drama events during regular lunchtime slots. These competitions are designed to be inclusive and fun, and House points are awarded to reflect not only the widest variety of talents, but also for participation.

House names are a combination of places associated with The Perse’s history and Coronation Beasts, as the House system was re-founded in the year of the Queen’s Jubilee.

  • The House System

    Gonville Griffins

    Gonville Place was the location of the School between 1890 and 1960

  • The House System

    Pendeen Dragons

    Pendeen House was home to the ‘Mummery’, a space for studying literature by informal acting in costume

  • The House System

    Northwold Yales

    Where the Perse family originated, and a former boarding house

  • The House System

    Mecklenburgh Unicorns

    The London address of the Perse inter-war mission

  • The House System

    Glebe Falcons

    Glebe Road was where Headmaster W.H.D. Rouse (Head 1902 to 1928) built School House for Perse boarders

  • The House System

    Lithburn Eagles

    The site of the original school. Lithburn Lane became Free School Lane in 1750

  • The House System

    Bateman Bulls

    The original Prep school was located on Bateman Street

  • The House System

    Langdale Lions

    Langdale was the location of scout camp

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