The Perse School

Wilderness Group

Students go 'back to basics' for bushcraft-style camping

Number of members 60
Age group Years 7-10
Structure Girls and boys work alongside each other in one of three ‘Clans’. Each Clan is run by student-elected 'Clan Parents'. New members to the group are known as ‘Green Horns’ and become a fire starter, hunter or forager once they have passed a test in a skill area. Within each Clan there is a Chief Fire Starter, Chief Hunter and Chief Forager – each is a student who has passed all aptitude tests in their given skill area.  In Year 10 students can put themselves forward for election to become one of four 'Elders' who oversee the whole group.
Skills developed This group focuses on ‘back to basics’ bushcraft style camping, where students learn skills in foraging (such as plant recognition), fire starting (by sparks and friction) and hunting (such as skinning and bow and arrow making).
Meetings Weekly meetings are held on Tuesdays during term time between 4.30 and 6.30pm.
Trips Wilderness Group takes part in two UK trips during the year: a hibernation camp in October (Stonewall Park, Kent) and forest camp in July (various UK locations).


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