The Perse School

Summit 11

Summit 11 provides excellent opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills

Number of members 80
Age group Year 11
Skills developed The aim of this group is to develop students’ outdoor bushcraft and canoeing skills, in preparation for an eight-day canoe expedition on the lakes of Sweden. Students carry all their food with them, sleep under tarps and cook all their meals on open fires. They learn about natural shelter construction, wild foods and first aid, as well as how to light fire by friction.
Structure There is a strong focus on leadership in this group. The group is divided into groups known as ‘Fires’ which are headed by student ‘Fire Leaders’.
Meetings Fortnightly meetings are held during school time on Fridays during the Enrichment afternoon. Here students learn all the skills required for the various trips throughout the year.
Trips Each year, Summit 11 completes two trips: a training weekend and the summer expedition to Sweden.  The training weekend takes place in Norfolk, where the students develop their canoeing skills as well as bushcraft and first training. The year culminates in an eight day expedition in Sweden, once GCSE exams finish.
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