The Perse School

Ascent Group

Our largest outdoor pursuits club for pupils in Years 7 to 10

Number of members 275
Age group Years 7-10
Structure There are four sections – Earth, Air, Fire and Water  – each made up of six single sex patrols of ten students. Each section is run by a Year 10 mixed patrol known as the 'Bears'. The group overall is led by seven Year 10 students, known as ‘Stags’, who run all camps.
Skills developed The group inherited its purpose from the scouting movement and as such we conduct a wide range of similar activities, including campcraft, trekking, navigation, cooking and pioneering.
Meetings Weekly meetings are held each Friday during term time between 5.30pm and 8.30pm. The activities run in these sessions vary a great deal, but are all outdoor themed and are usually focused on training for camps, or on personal outdoor development.
Trips Ascent Group undertakes two main UK expeditions each year: a winter camp in October and a summer camp in August, where students can put into practice their campcraft, cooking, climbing, canoeing, bushcraft and pioneering skills.



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