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Linking Project

A challenge. A comfort. A connection.

Our aim

The transition from primary to secondary education can be a big step. To help bridge the gap, we’d like you to take part in the Perse Linking Project.

The project is made up of a number of optional tasks from different departments (don’t worry – no-one at school gets to see the marks; it’s just you who finds out). These tasks are intended to give you and your parents a bit more knowledge about the Perse Upper and our curriculum, providing a link between Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3.

You can have a go at as many or as few of the quizzes as you like – the only one that you definitely need to do is the Tutor Challenge task. This gives us a good opportunity to get to know you a bit better, and it allows you, our new Year 7s, to tell us a little bit about yourself and to show us what you can do. You can present the Tutor Challenge task in any format you wish: whatever you choose to produce, we’d like you to bring it in with you to the Familiarisation Morning in September.

Good luck – we hope it’s fun!

Click on the links below to get started with an activity of your choice.

  • Linking Project

    Tutor Challenge

    You and your tutor will get to know each other really well once term starts: you’ll see them every day, and they’re the person to go and talk to about any successes, problems, questions, worries etc.

    However, we’d like you to help us get to know you, by taking part in the Tutor Challenge.


  • Linking Project


    Try this 15 question online art quiz and have a go at the drawing activity that can be downloaded here.

  • Linking Project


    We have twenty-two short questions based on the material covered in Year 7 for you to try online.

  • Linking Project


    We have twenty-five short questions for you to get to grips with. Go ahead and try online.

  • Linking Project

    Computer science

    Try our quiz based on material you will cover in Year 7.

  • Linking Project

    Design and technology

    Have a go at these questions which are based on the topics we will be studying in Year 7.


  • Linking Project


    There is an online literacy quiz for you to take and a reading list with a number of books you may enjoy reading.

  • Linking Project


    How much French have you done so far at school? Loads? A little? None at all? Whatever your level, have a go at this online quiz, and see how many answers you can get right.There are a variety of questions: culture, geography, vocabulary, grammar, odd-one-outs, opposites, picture rounds, true-or-false, reading comprehension, video links.

  • Linking Project


    We have a short quiz here which provides a taster for what we study in Year 7.

    Get snapping this summer! This year’s deadline for submitting your entries is Wednesday 12 September. Photo Competition Details

    How well do you recognise different locations around the world? Have a go at Can you get a score over 10,000?!

  • Linking Project


    Try the questions in this document and then check your answers.

  • Linking Project


    We have twenty online questions to give you a feel for the sort of things that you could learn about in Latin

  • Linking Project


    We have 4 sections available including two online quizzes:

    Quiz A [only to check general arithmetic]

    Quiz B [more demaning problems]

    Some general instructions and the other two sections with some particularly interesting challenges in section D are available here.

    All 4 sections are meant to be fun. If it stops being fun then it is probably time to stop doing it.

  • Linking Project


    Have a go at these questions which are based on the topics we will be studying in Year 7.

  • Linking Project

    Physical education

    How much do you know about all of the different activities we do in Year 7 PE lessons? Test yourself here.

  • Linking Project


    You may not have studied physics before but have a go at these questions. Some are easy, some are more difficult.

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