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Physical education and games

Encouraging an understanding and love of physical activity

Our aim

We are passionate about sport and physical well-being. All pupils in Years 7 to 11 have timetabled PE and games lessons, making use of our sports hall (one of the largest in the region), sports studio, fitness suite and outdoor all weather and grass pitches. Most of our training and matches take place on our pitches at the Upper, but we also draw on 26 acres of pitches 15 minutes away from school, at Little Abington.

Pupils have three to four hours of timetabled games sessions each week in addition to a 40 minute PE lesson. Our PE teaching is based on the following principles:

  • Individual progression
  • Learning the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle
  • Developing the school core values through physical activities
  • Mass participation
  • Learning the mechanical and technical aspects of movement
  • Physiology and anatomy of the body
  • Understanding the history and importance of sport in society

Our core sports are cricket (girls and boys), hockey (girls and boys), netball, rugby and tennis (girls and boys), and these are an important aspect of our games programme, both within timetabled curriculum time and outside it. Take a look the sport pages in our beyond the curriculum section for full details of our games programme.

Learning journey - Years 7 and 8

We teach PE in Years 7 and 8 in mixed gender classes. Over time students try a variety of different sports, develop an understanding of the benefits of exercise, and learn how to apply training methods such as Speed, Agility and Quickness (SAQ) and core body exercises to enhance their fitness.

Year Group Michaelmas Lent Summer
Year 7 SAQ and Basketball Badminton Athletics
Gymnastics Dance Athletics
Year 8 Gymnastics Badminton Athletics
Basketball Dance Athletics

In games, the traditional sports of cricket, hockey, netball, tennis, rugby and cricket are compulsory in Years 7 to 8. Here, pupils are split into ability groups where they are coached by specialists. Read more about each of our main sports on the sports pages of our beyond the classroom section.

Learning journey - Years 9 to 11

In Years 10 and 11 we teach PE in a single sex environment. Pupils get the opportunity to play a number of different sports and are also introduced to the fitness suite learning methods and principles of training. This gives them the option to learn more about the responses and adaptations to exercise from a cardiovascular, respiratory, skeletal and muscular perspective. We also develop pupils’ coaching and leadership skills.

Year 10

Michaelmas Lent Summer
Boys Methods of training and gymnastics Badminton and volleyball Athletics and leadership
Girls Touch rugby and volleyball Dance and gymnastics Methods of training and leadership

Internal PE certificate

In Year 10, students also have the opportunity to study for an internal PE certificate two periods per fortnight as a mini elective option. This aims to give students an opportunity to extend and enrich their knowledge of, and passion for, sports science. They experience the subject beyond the playing field by exploring the theoretical aspects of sport, and help students relate to the topics through their own sporting performance.

The course covers anatomy and physiology, history of sport and psychology. We assess students in a number of ways throughout the year and each module contributes to their final certificate award with merit/distinction opportunities.

Michaelmas Lent Summer
Content Anatomy and physiology History of sport Psychology
Assessment Personal exercise programme Poster – case Study IT presentation – case study


Year 11

Michaelmas Lent Summer
Boys Volleyball and principle of training Global sports and leadership Options
Girls Touch rugby and dance Principles of training and volleyball Leadership

In games, the core sports still run for pupils in Years 9 to 11 (read more about each of our main sports on the sports pages of our beyond the classroom section), but additional sports are available for pupils to select as options. Starting in Year 9, basketball, fencing and shooting; in Year 10 we add rowing; and in Year 11 we add badminton and climbing.

Providing stretch

We set activities for students who would like to go beyond the curriculum, from taking part in an inter-form duathlon to researching the origins and history of lacrosse.

Students can train independently in our fitness suite, using a programme put together for them by our conditioning coach. The coach also runs a weekly fitness masterclass; sessions include boxing, core, internals and spin.


Beyond the classroom

We field around 160 ‘A’ to ‘F’ teams each year and play on average 450 matches per term. Important sporting values such as sportsmanship, codes of conduct, respect for officials, discipline, reliance, leadership, teamwork, winning, losing and simply having fun are all fostered within the framework of the programmes offered.

In addition to competitive sport between schools, there is a considerable amount of competition within the School. We run an indoor cricket league, where staff and students compete against each other, there are House tournaments and sixth form students have end of term girls v boys friendlies.

Sports clubs on offer at lunchtime and after school include circuit training, fitness, equestrian and football.

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