The Perse School

Global and Local Studies

A round-the-world and round-the-corner tour

Our aim

Global studies – a distinctive feature of the Year 7 curriculum – reflects our aim to prepare our pupils for an increasingly international future. All pupils receive an introduction to the language and culture of Japan, China (Mandarin) and Italy. They study festivals, geography, culture, food and history, as well as learning basic vocabulary and grammar.

The School is a member of the Strategic Alliance of Global Educators, providing several opportunities for our students to meet and work virtually with their peers in other countries.

Pupils also have an additional opportunity (more often started in Year 9) to take part in the languages extra-curricular provision available in Japanese, Mandarin, and Italian for a small extra (subsidised) annual charge. This consists of two lessons a week, one at lunch and one after school, and covers a GCSE programme over two years.

Local studies lessons meanwhile are taken by the Head, and give pupils an overview of the geography and history of the local area – no less fascinating for being proximate.



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