The Perse School

Learning Support

We offer friendly and structured support
in a relaxed atmosphere


We help pupils with additional needs to achieve their potential. There are two full-time and two part-time members of staff within the Department which is located within a purpose-built suite in the New Building, conveniently next to the library to promote a friendly drop-in atmosphere.

We offer the following support to pupils:

  • 1:1 study skills support
  • 1:1 dyslexia support
  • Small group literacy support
  • Small group study skills support
  • Handwriting programmes and support to develop fine and gross motor skills
  • Social skills support

The advice and support from the Department is open to all pupils at The Perse, not just those that have specific learning difficulties. All pupils are entitled to a series of three ‘booster sessions’ per year focusing on areas of relative difficulty.

Head of Learning Support Holly Singleton explains more:

We deliver sessions to develop study skills and basic numeracy and literacy skills. Subject specific support and/or organisational support is not provided by the Learning Support Department: academic support is provided by academic departments, while organisational support is provided by the pupils’ tutors.

We offer friendly and structured support in a relaxed atmosphere, where students can grow in confidence and self-esteem; follow structured programmes to address their difficulties; learn to “have a go” and tackle challenges; and take advantage of multisensory techniques, using games, IT, tactile and visual aids. Over time, they learn to value their strengths and gradually take control of their learning.

We seek information on areas of difficulty from parents and feeder schools prior to a child’s entry to the school. The Head of Learning Support may decide to screen for additional information following entry. The Head of Learning Support also liaises with the LEA for pupils with a Statement of Special Educational Need/Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) and, where necessary, supports applications for Statements of Special Educational Need/EHCPs. We keep a Learning Support list.

Some pupils are very adept at developing strategies to mask difficulties and sometimes there are cases that take longer to manifest. Teachers will inform the Head of Learning Support if they subsequently become aware of problems which may be associated with specific learning difficulties. If concerns are reported, further information about the pupil’s general progress is sought from colleagues.

For more information about our approach to Learning Support please see the policies section of this website.

Our support in detail

Within the normal school framework

Many problems associated with specific learning difficulties are addressed as a matter of routine within school. Support is normally provided through classroom and homework differentiation. We provide teachers with an outline of the pupils difficulties and guidelines for supporting the pupil’s learning. We do not routinely provide a dedicated classroom assistant for learning support unless through the provision of a Statement of Special Educational Need/EHCP or bought in by the parent/guardian at the School’s request.

If further support is required, we offer 1:1 Learning Support sessions to target the specific difficulties identified in the specialist assessment. These sessions are delivered in-house by the team of Learning Support Assistants.

Referral for a detailed assessment

With parental permission, we give all pupils identified from screening and prior liaison further testing in-house to investigate relative strengths and weaknesses within the pupil’s learning profile. However it is sometimes necessary with parents’ agreement, to refer the pupil to an Educational Psychologist or other outside professional for a more detailed assessment or diagnosis of needs. We circulate the guidelines based on the professional assessment to all teachers involved.

Private tuition from a specialist individual needs teacher

This support is an addition to the normal curriculum, and may be given in school or outside school, with or without an Educational Psychologist’s recommendation. In either case, collaboration with the School increases the likelihood of success.

Special exam concessions

These are at the Head’s discretion, based only on professional recommendation. At all times we seek to involve parents and pupils in any identification, assessment and delivery of support and strive for close co-operation between all parties to ensure effective implementation.


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