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Medical Form

For pupils new to the School in September 2017

Please complete the form below by …..

This form is for the guidance of the school and nursing staff. The information you provide will be securely kept in the Medical Centre by the nursing staff. Key information will be communicated to individual members of staff on a ‘need to know basis’ in the interests of your child’s safety and wellbeing. Staff are in loco parentis when caring for your child – therefore it is important to include all relevant information here. Feel free to contact the Upper School nurse directly if you wish to discuss any issues confidentially (Tel: 01223 403826, email: For significant/long term health issues; an individual care plan will be produced by the nurses in consultation with parents. The catering manager may contact you to discuss requirements for complex/rare food allergies.

For a list of over the counter medication available to be dispensed by The Perse Upper School nurses please click here

Fields marked with an * are required

Disability/Medical Conditions/Mental Health Conditions

Please detail any treatment, medication or significant incident the school may need to be aware of. It is important that information is detailed and correct)

Allergies and Food

Information about food allergies will be shared with the School caterers in order that they can ensure the safety of your child.

The School will generally assume that pupils in Year 9 and above are sufficiently responsible and competent to self-medicate unless there is evidence to the contrary.

In submitting this form I understand that I must notify the School immediately of any changes in writing

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