Brian Lister (1926 – 2014) was one of Britain’s foremost post-war designers and builders of competition cars.

After leaving The Perse, Lister began apprenticeship training at the family engineering firm George Lister and Sons, completing this in 1946. He served two years in the RAF for National Service before returning to the firm. Lister had a keen interest in motor cars and co-founded the Cambridge 50 Car Club, where he met Scott Brown (who would later drive the Lister car in competitions).

In 1953, Brian asked his father to fund the development of a car bearing the family name. The car made its debut in April 1954 at Snetterton, and won. The car evolved rapidly, pushing Lister to the highest ranks of sports car builders. He gave up racing in 1964 after preparations for the Le Mans race, but remained actively involved in Lister Engineering for many years.

Lister also had a passion for jazz music, and performed publicly until 1990.

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