Surgeon Commander Anton Fries was an active member of the Combined Cadet Force before leaving The Perse. After taking a gap year with the Army, he studied medicine at the University of Cambridge. Cdr Fries then returned to the armed forces, joining the navy as a surgeon. He served in the Philippines, Taiwan (Chinese Taipei), Afghanistan and elsewhere, specialising in reconstructive surgery.

After leaving active service, Cdr Fries joined the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust as a plastic surgeon, whilst still consulting with the Royal Navy. Since 2020, he has been Assistant Professor and Chief of the Division of Plastic Surgery, University of Texas Health, San Antonio. Cdr Fries still performs pro bono work, in particular cleft lip repairs in the Philippines.

In 2020, Cdr Fries returned to The Perse to deliver an insightful 42 Society lecture on his experiences in both the armed forces and the health service.

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