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Give the gift of education to future Perseans

The Leavers’ Gift is a departing gift from the families of Upper Sixth Leavers to the bursary fund.

The gift is a collective effort to give the gift of education to future Perseans, enabling them to benefit from the same education and opportunities that the previous year groups have experienced.

What is the Leavers' Gift?

The Leavers’ Gift was launched in 2018 by parents who wanted to give something back to the School as their children left. The campaign aims to raise money for the bursary fund at The Perse, so that future children can benefit from a Perse education.

Who will benefit from my gift?

Bursaries are awarded on a means-tested basis. Please take a look at the detailed information within our admissions bursary pages for full details.

How are bursaries awarded?

Applicants requesting an entrance bursary are subject to the standard assessment criteria that forms part of the admissions process. Once an offer of a place is made, the School considers applications for bursary support from offer holders. The School has appointed an independent company, Bursary Administration Limited, to undertake bursary assessments on its behalf. All applications for bursary places are means-tested and include a visit to the family home of successful candidates to help gain an understanding of the family situation and calculate the financial need of the family on an individual basis, considering both capital and current income. All bursary awards made are subject to annual means-testing thereafter and the value of the awards may change accordingly.

How can my gift help?

Every gift is hugely valued by The Perse. The collective nature of the Leavers’ Gift means that its impact is even greater:

  • If everybody leaving Upper Sixth gave £100 it would fund one year’s full bursary place.
  • A gift of £225 plus gift aid would pay for lunch for a term.
  • Five people giving £1,000 plus gift aid would pay for one term’s full fees.
  • A gift of £5,000 plus gift aid would provide a term’s stability to a pupil following the death of a parent.
  • A gift of £15,000 plus gift aid would fund one year’s full bursary place.

How do I give?

You can give a single gift or a regular gift to the campaign online. All gifts made in this way will be attributed to the Leavers’ Gift Campaign. You can also make a gift by cheque (payable to ‘The Perse School’) or by filling out this Gift Form and returning it to the Alumni and Development Office.

The most cost-effective way of making a one-off donation is by bank transfer. Please contact us to obtain our bank details. If you would prefer to have an in-person discussion about your gift, please contact the Alumni and Development Office at PerseADO@perse.co.uk or by telephone at 01223 403838.

Can I claim tax relief on my donation?

Donating through Gift Aid means that The Perse can claim an extra 25p for every £1 you give, at no added cost to you. For your donation to be eligible for Gift Aid, you must be a UK taxpayer and have paid sufficient income or capital gains tax in the tax year. Please submit a Gift Aid declaration so that we can claim Gift Aid on your donation. If you pay tax above the basic rate, you can claim the difference between the rate you pay and basic rate on your donation. For more information on how to claim back this tax, please visit the HMRC website.

Can I get involved?

We would love for parents to spread the word amongst their peers about the Leavers’ Gift and the impact it can have. If you would like to find out more about getting involved, please contact the Alumni and Development Office at PerseADO@perse.co.uk.

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