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Inspired by our Founder, Dr Stephen Perse, we are committed to widening access to the school.  

We provide means-tested bursaries, without which many of our talented pupils would not be able to attend The Perse.

By donating to our bursary fund, you will provide life-changing opportunities for these young people.

Our pupils go on to study at top universities and launch successful careers in a wide range of sectors, from business to the sciences. Many become doctors, teachers and public servants, helping their communities and transforming the lives of those around them in innumerable ways.

Since 1615, many children have come to The Perse on free or subsidised places. Support can take the form of means-tested entrance bursaries, or hardship bursaries awarded to pupils whose families face unexpected changes in their financial circumstances. In the 2022-23 academic year, almost one in five of bursary recipients received support at 100% of school fees.

Having pupils from a wide range of backgrounds makes The Perse a better place.  Different perspectives and different ideas foster creativity and provide more opportunities for everybody to learn. We are therefore committed to increasing the number of bursaries we can provide.

To do this we need your help.

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Contact us to find out about opportunities for Old Perseans and Friends to volunteer their time and expertise to the school.


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