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Sport and outdoor pursuits courses

Take to the pitch or enjoy the great outdoors

Outdoor pursuits multi activity course

Course code Week AM PM Full day Cost per week Places Age range
OP1A 1 Yes - £210 20 8-12

Please note this course is now full in the afternoons of Week 1 and Week 2.

The outdoor pursuits course covers a wide variety of activities. The importance of team work is central to the course, and it will also include learning basic survival skills such as fire lighting and campfire cooking as well as experiencing challenges such as pioneering and bouldering (indoors on the new Perse purpose built facility). There will also be one session off-site, paddle boarding and orienteering at Milton Country Park. The course is open to all abilities and all you need to bring is enthusiasm and a willingness to get involved.

Tutors: Mark Bradley and Andrew Wood

Outdoor pursuits backwoods cookery course

Course code Week AM PM Full day Cost per week Places Age range
BWC2 2 Yes - £200 20 11-15

Last two spaces remaining.

This course will focus on campfire cooking. Each morning will be spent cooking and eating what has been made for lunch! As far as possible all cooking will be done on open fires and will include fire lighting. The provisional menus is:

  • Monday – Chicken skewers – making a large kebab and cooking over an open fire.
  • Tuesday – Wood pigeon – carving the breasts off a wood pigeon and making bead in drum ovens.
  • Wednesday – Trout in the embers of a fire and drop scones.
  • Thursday – Pizza and baked apples.
  • Friday – BBQ.

Tutors: Mark Bradley and Andrew Wood

Outdoor pursuits overnight camp

Fridays both weeks – 4.30pm start until Saturday 9.30am finish

Course code Week AM PM Full night Cost per night Places Age range
OPC1 - Yes £60 20 10-15
OPC2 - £60 £60 20 10-15

Fancy a Friday night out while your children enjoy an overnight camp? This course is open to pupils as a ‘standalone’ or as an add on to the multi activity/backwoods  cookery courses. Pupils will register at 4.30pm and will spend the evening on the Perse site. They will put up tents, cook dinner and enjoy a wide game. After hot chocolate and marshmallows at sun-down they will sleep (!) well, then get up and cook breakfast before packing and clearing up. This is open to boys and girls aged between 10 and 15, and all they need to bring is enthusiasm and a willingness to get involved…and a toothbrush!

Tutors: Mark Bradley and Andrew Wood


Please note this course is now full.

A basketball fundamentals course is a great way of learning basketball skills, as well as skills which would be transferable between all sports. The basketball fundamentals coached at the camp are those sanctioned by British Basketball who have developed the Master Checklist for entry level basketball, and include movement, passing, receiving and ball handling, as well as match play. Transferable skills such as learning the value of teamwork, handling pressure and developing a competitive work ethic in a disciplined environment will also be key foci. This course is open to those with no experience of basketball, and who would like to learn how to play a new sport, as well as those with some experience. Participants will be awarded a Basketball England certificate for completing the camp.

Tutor: Coach Mr C. Wedderburn


Course code Week AM PM Full day Cost per week Places Age range
T1A 1 Yes - £160 14 8-11
T1P 1 Yes - £160 14 11-14
T2A 2 Yes - £160 14 11-14
T2P 2 Yes £160 12 14-17

Course code T1A: Tennis for beginners

This is an exciting first time experience for newcomers to tennis. Have you ever wanted to learn how to play a 20 shot rally or serve? We give you a racquet and the foam balls, you bring along a smile and bags of enthusiasm and energy. You will be able to rally with friends and challenge a mum or dad to a game after the 5 day course.

Course code T1P/T2A: Tennis for improvers

This course is aimed at those who have played some tennis and have mastered the basics of hitting a ball. We will work on rallying, serving and competitive play. If teamwork is for you, why not try doubles and the drills like Dingles and Red Rover which will help you improve your game rapidly.

Course code T2P: Tennis – high performance camp for experienced players

Advanced players: this course is aimed at those players with competitive tennis experience. You will work on the basics, serving accuracy and playing under pressure. There will be a chance to improve your singles and doubles tactics, enhance your net play, raise your fitness levels and play competitive matches.

Tutor: Mr C. Harcourt

Bike club

Course code Week AM PM Full day Cost per week Places Age range
CE1 1 Yes - £160 14 12-15
CE2 2 Yes £160 12 8-11

Last two spaces remaining.

Course code CE1/CE2: The cycling experience

This course offers a mixture of skills and experience, and once the basic aspects of safety and maintenance have been covered we will be setting off to explore Cambridge and the local area. Routes will be planned with pupils, and we will take snacks and drinks with us so that we can go further afield.

Tutor: These courses will be delivered by Outspoken Training

Gymnastics and trampolining

Course code Week AM PM Full day Cost per week Places Age range
GT 1 Yes - - £160 18 8-14

This course aims to give pupils of all abilities the opportunity to develop and enjoy a range of different gymnastic activities while learning new skills. Activities will be progressive, allowing those of all abilities the chance to progress at their own pace. Pupils will work on their own individual performances during parkour, vaulting and trampolining as well as work with others during group work both on the floor and the apparatus to create a routine suitable for an audience at the end of the week. Each day pupils will enjoy approximately 2 hours of gymnastics and 1 hour of trampolining, and pupils will be split into groups of no more than 6 according to their age.

Tutor: Miss N. Bareham and Ms H. Large

Crazy cricket

Course code Week AM PM Full day Cost per week Places Age range
CC1 1 Yes - £160 12 8-12
CC2 2 Yes £160 12 8-12

The course will provide opportunities for pupils of all abilities to further develop their love for the sport and their own techniques. Crazy cricket will feature a variety of fun and exciting ways to learn and develop through game play. Ideas such as quick, diamond and conveyor belt cricket will be played. There will also be a focus on the 4 main aspects of the game: technical, tactical, physical and mental throughout the sessions.

Tutors: Mrs J. Edwards and Mr D. Nicholes

Hockey goalkeeping

Course code Week AM PM Full day Cost per week Places Age range
GKTH  21 July –  - Yes £60 14 8-12

Course description: Goalkeepers are an essential part of any hockey team. With this specialist position specific training is needed to enhance the skill level of the player. The day course has been designed to provide goalkeepers an exclusive and intense day of coaching. Each goalkeeper in the course will have a great opportunity to not only develop existing skills but learn to improve all areas. All goalkeepers will learn through fun and high volume exercises. This course is open to experienced goalkeepers, as well as beginners.

Course content includes:

  • Kicking
  • Handwork
  • Penalty Corner Defence
  • Smothering
  • One on ones
  • Mobility and footwork

Tutor: Mr R. Hayward

Indoor hockey

Course code Week AM PM Full day Cost per week Places Age range
IHA 2 Yes - £160 14 10-12
IHP 2 Yes £160 14 13-16

Indoor hockey is a fast and exciting form of the sport. This format is an excellent tool to develop skills and techniques which can be transferred into outdoor hockey. The 6-a-side nature of indoor hockey means all players are fully involved in matches with the ball travelling from one end of the pitch to the other in a matter of seconds. This results in many goal mouth action and goals being scored during matches. During the course the players will be encouraged to develop their existing skills and also learn new skills. Each player will learn through fun and exciting game related exercises. Cpurse content includes:

  • Passing techniques
  • Dribbling and elimination skills
  • Goal scoring and shooting
  • Developing defensive skills and techniques
  • Indoor principles of play
  • Penalty corners

Tutor: Mr R. Hayward

Multi sport

Course code Week AM PM Full day Cost per day Places Age range
MSY1 1 - Yes £30-55 Flexible 8-11
MSO1 1 Yes £30-55 Flexible 12-14
MSY2 2 Yes £30-55 Flexible 8-11
MSO2 2 Yes £30-55 Flexible 12-14

Depending on the pupils who sign up there will be a rotation of sporting activities. These might include tennis, hockey, cricket, touch rugby, netball, rounders, badminton, basketball, table-tennis etc. This course is bookable by either the half day (£30) or by the day (£55). Please add the course code on the front of the reservation form and then complete the grid on the reverse specifying exactly which sessions you wish to book.

Tutors: Mr R. Mahendra, Miss N. Barham, Miss H. Firth, Mrs J. Edwards, Mr D. Nicholes and Ms H. Large.


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