The Perse School

Prep Science Department

A new home for scientific discovery at the Prep

Science is central to our understanding of the world and our aim in teaching science is to reflect the importance of the subject in our everyday lives. We help the children to understand the world around them, while encouraging a real appreciation for science in all its diverse and fascinating forms. When Einstein was young, his mother is rumoured to have asked him every day, not, “What have you done today?” but, “What questions have you asked?” This is an approach the world of science depends upon.

Science Block

The new Science Department is at the heart of the School, above the dining hall. Pupils benefit from two new science laboratories fully equipped for all types of practical work, with sinks, Bunsen burners, gas taps and electricity points for individual practical work, as well as plenty of space for group experiments. In this new space they regularly conduct their own experiments, creating hands-on, experiential and multisensory science – all great for developing their confidence with practical work.

As part of this project, the Prep kitchen has been remodelled and the dining room updated. There is also a covered walkway providing, amongst other things, a useful shelter in rainy weather when pupils are waiting to enter the dining hall for lunch.

The old science lab has become a computing lab – a new dedicated space for programming, robotics and code club, and the current ICT space will be converted into new girls’ changing rooms.

This work is the latest stage in the long-term plan to transform the Prep facilities.



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