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Fees and Bursaries

An investment in their future

Our founder’s dream four centuries ago was to establish a school where boys of any background could benefit from the life changing experience of an excellent education.  Today’s Perse is very different to that of the early days – not least in welcoming girls – yet our ethos remains true to the founding principles. We work hard to keep fees relatively affordable – usually lower than those of similar independent schools – and are committed to means tested bursaries. Through our An Enduring Gift campaign, we aim to double the number of bursaries we can provide.



  • School fees per term – £4,845
  • School fees per year – £14,535

Lunch is included in the fees.

  • Registration fee – £100
  • Securing fee – £295

Fees are reviewed annually and the fees for the following year are usually announced at the end of March.

We do not offer scholarships for Prep pupils, but pupils transferring from the Prep to the Upper are considered for scholarships at the Upper.


The Perse has always done its best to ensure that children who would benefit from an education at the School are not excluded for financial reasons. We offer a number of means-tested bursaries for families of limited means from Year 3 onwards. Financial support ranges from 5% to 100% of annual fees. In the current financial year, we provide around £1 million of means-tested bursary support.

How to apply for assistance with fees

Applicants requesting a bursary are subject to the standard assessment criteria that form part of the entrance process. Places are only offered to applicants who meet the admissions criteria.

All applications for bursary places are assessed on a means-tested basis and include an interview at the School in the case of successful applications. We will take into account your family situation, including the number of school-aged children, the financial circumstances of both parents and of any current partner of one or both parents, along with social security benefits and other financial details. These will include both capital and current income. All bursary awards made are subject to annual means-testing thereafter.

As a very rough guide, combined families with an income of more than £68,500 with one school-aged child are unlikely to qualify for financial assistance with fees. We operate a sliding scale below this limit which we reserve the right to vary in special cases, but all awards are at our absolute discretion. The number of awards which we can make each year are limited.

If you would like to apply for assistance with fees please complete and return the registration form and registration fee to the Admissions Office before the registration deadline in the year prior to entry. Please ensure that you tick the box on the Registration Form which indicates that you are applying for ‘means-tested assistance with school fees’. The Bursary will contact you directly. It may be helpful to know that the Bursary will need a detailed means-test form returned before your child’s entrance test, in order to have time to have time to make the calculations necessary to advise you as soon as possible after any offer of a place of the amount of financial support you would receive.


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