The Perse School


Learning to deal with life's challenges

Our aim

We help our pupils develop the skills and attitudes to deal with the challenges they will face in everyday life. These include getting on with others, growing up, the formation of values and increasing responsibility.

Pupils are encouraged to be sensitive to their environment and to the beliefs and behaviour of others. We also help them to develop self-awareness, positive self-esteem and confidence. In this way they:

  • Recognise their own worth and the worth of others
  • Express their views confidently and listen to and show respect for the views of others
  • Identify positive ways to face new challenges
  • Make choices about how to develop healthy lifestyles, whilst identifying some of the factors that affect emotional health and well-being
  • Identify and explain how to manage the risks in different and familiar situations
  • Explain how their actions have consequences for both themselves and for others
  • Describe the nature and consequences of bullying and express ways of responding to it
  • Identify different types of relationships and show ways to maintain good relationships
  • Demonstrate respect and tolerance towards people who differ from themselves
  • Decide on the values by which they want to live their lives
Learning journey

Lessons are informal with the emphasis placed on discussion, however there are also opportunities for debate, group work, role play and games.

In the younger years the focus is on the individual, their school life, family and friends and understanding how to be healthy and safe. As pupils get older topics include peer pressure, group dynamics, physical and emotional development, and societal and environmental issues. All pupils complete a unit on e-safety.

Pupils begin in Year 3 by discussing the issues connected with starting a new school, such as rules and responsibilities and how to look after themselves and their environment. In Year 4 the focus is on safety and risk, and coping with strong emotions. Year 5 pupils explore wellbeing, peer pressure and teamwork. In Year 6 pupils look at forms of discrimination, financial education, and sex and relationship education.

Beyond the classroom

Form time and assemblies often have a PSHE focus. We also run special events such as an Anti-Bullying Week, a Mental Health Awareness Week and safer internet days.

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