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Learning to move with precision and power

Our aim

Exercise is vital for a healthy and happy life, as is the need to work to the best of one’s ability in both individual and team games. We encourage participation in a diverse range of sports for all pupils throughout our year groups. We ensure that every child represents the school in a team sport and each child participates in our annual Sports Day and seasonal House matches. Learning to win with humility and accept defeat with good grace is important for life. 

We divide sport into PE (with a focus on developing fitness and trying new sports) and games (the traditional competitive sports).

We provide an exciting, supportive and aspirational environment in which a love for sport and knowledge of the varied benefits of physical activities are fostered. Our fixtures are carefully scheduled to balance competitive opportunity with time for reflection and skill development on the training field.

Specifically qualified sports staff lead PE and games coaching sessions, providing a foundation for the beginner, challenging the most able and imparting to all key messages related to healthy living.

Learning journey

Our main competitive sports are football, hockey, rugby, netball and cricket. On site we have netball courts, a fully equipped sports hall and facilities for athletics. At our adjacent Porson road playing fields we have a full sized hockey pitch which accommodates 12 tennis courts in the Summer term. We have four seven-a-side grass football pitches and four rugby pitches throughout the winter, which convert into four cricket pitches in the summer. We also have three artificial cricket nets with use of a bowling machine.

In our lessons in Speed, Agility and Quickness (SAQ) and invasion games, children deepen their spatial awareness, develop excellent motor skills and learn how to travel appropriately and effectively.


Michaelmas Lent Summer
Boys Football and rugby Hockey Cricket and tennis
Girls Hockey Netball Cricket and tennis


Michaelmas Lent Summer
Boys and girls Invasion games and net and wall games SAQ and gymnastics Athletics and striking and fielding
Beyond the classroom

Please see our Sport and Dance page for information about extra-curricular activities.

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