The Perse School


Developing relaxed explorers of language and culture

Our aim

We aim to give pupils a love of language and an enthusiasm for the French culture. We make the links to other subjects, using French to reinforce knowledge, skills and understanding developed elsewhere in the curriculum.

Pupils develop as confident linguists who are relaxed explorers of the French language and culture. Communication and literacy skills lay the foundation for future language learning. They develop linguistic competence, extend their knowledge of how language works and explore the differences and similarities between French, English and any other languages with which they are familiar.

Learning another language raises awareness of the multi-lingual and multi-cultural world and introduces an international dimension to pupils’ learning which gives them an insight into and a respect for their own culture and that of others.

Learning journey

Pupils begin with simple everyday vocabulary and basic grammar, introduced through games, songs and conversation. In due course we introduce Tricolore Total Book 1, with topics covered and revised at a fairly quick pace. Over time reading and writing skills are given greater emphasis and topics are covered in greater depth. Listening to French on CD with no visual aid begins, as does the formal testing of vocabulary, reading and writing.

We use authentic resources with all year groups in order to set classroom learning in context, as well as to motivate pupils and capture their imagination.

By the time pupils leave us they can understand written and spoken French, their grammar is more advanced, they begin building their own sentences, have the confidence and ability to discuss basic personal details in French and start writing at greater length and with greater freedom.

We regularly revisit key topics in order to consolidate and extend linguistic skills.

Beyond the classroom

Each year, pupils in Year 5 visit northern France to experience the culture and practise their language skills. Before they go to France, they have a special lunch in school to gain confidence ordering a meal in French and to whet their appetite for typical foods.

We have a multi-lingual library of books and films. We read stories to the youngest pupils, while the older pupils use the resources for extension activities.

Our programme of clubs includes French Cartoon Club, a weekly lunchtime club in which pupils watch their favourite cartoons in French; French Booster Club, a weekly lunchtime club for anyone who would like extra practice; and French Film Club, a weekly lunchtime club for francophiles to watch French films and taste traditional French sirops.

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