The Perse School

Learning Support

We want all pupils to reach their full potential
and develop strong self-esteem


Our Learning Support Co-ordinator works closely with a team of teachers and assistants to support those with individual learning needs. We want all pupils to reach their full potential and develop strong self-esteem. Wherever possible we educate pupils with a Specific Learning Need alongside their peers within the normal curriculum.

When they join us, some children will have been identified as having a Specific Learning Need by their previous school, and programmes already in place continue. All other new pupils are observed and monitored, so that we can identify and address any concerns swiftly. We use assessment and teacher observation to identify children with learning support needs and have established schemes of work in place to boost and extend the curriculum.

At all times we seek to involve parents and pupils in any identification, assessment and delivery of support and strive for close co-operation between all parties.

Parents are always advised to take up any suggestions of referral to an external professional, such as an Educational Psychologist, so that the full nature of any difficulty is diagnosed and recommendations contained in the comprehensive report can be implemented. Following this there will be frequent formal and informal contact with parents.

As a child moves through the School, there is sometimes an emotional component attached to a learning difficulty. In such cases the Learning Support Co-ordinator works very closely with the Head of Pastoral Care to ensure that the right support is in place.

Our full Learning Support policy is available in the policies section of this website.

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