The Perse School


A broad-based curriculum is essential for balanced development

Our curriculum

We provide a broad and balanced academic curriculum set in the context of a generous amount of time for games, extra-curricular activities and opportunities to develop socially.  Our approach is driven by the Perse Learning Philosophy.

We publish an outline of the curriculum for each year group in a guidance leaflet that we share and discuss with parents during our initial social evenings, so that they are fully-informed about what their child will be studying.

All year groups study the same subjects, except in the sciences, where Years 3 and 4 have science lessons while Year 5 and 6 pupils study separate sciences; and classics, which is introduced in Year 6.

We are keen to ensure that our pupils grow spiritually, morally, socially and culturally and to this end, our curriculum includes personal, social and health education which reflects our aims, ethos and values.


Learning at home is an essential part of a good education. Regular homework helps pupils work towards important skills and complements work done at school. It also helps pupils become confident and self-sufficient in their learning, which will help them throughout their time at school and in adult life.

Homework is set most nights. A general guideline to approximate homework time per night is:

  • Year 3 – 20 minutes
  • Year 4 – 30 minutes
  • Year 5 – 40 minutes
  • Year 6 – 50 minutes

Our homework strategy:

  • All homework is appropriate for the children towards whom it is aimed. The tasks are manageable in the time allowed and differentiated in order to stretch the most able and support those children with Special Educational Needs.
  • Homework is set consistently, with a homework timetable sent home in the first week of term and available via our intranet.
  • The homework timetable reflects a balanced range of subjects and includes the expectation of nightly reading.
  • Pupils are encouraged to ensure that all homework is completed and handed in on time and are often rewarded with House Points for completing their homework effectively.
  • Support is offered to pupils and their parents if there are issues with organisation.
  • Pupils are given the Prep School Planner in which to record the tasks set for homework. This planner is maintained and organised by the pupil but is monitored and signed once a week by both Form Teacher and parents. This not only helps to instill formal organisational skills but also acts as a useful guide for parents to see which homework has been set.
  • Pupils in Years 4, 5 and 6 complete a long-term homework project in geography, history and a science.
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