The Perse School


Regular review and feedback helps children progress

Our approach

We use a number of methods of assessment in order to inform teaching and improve learning.

All lessons employ some aspects of assessment for learning so that pupils are able to understand the aim of what they are learning, where they are in relation to this aim and how they can fully achieve the aim. Research has shown that children’s involvement in the review process raises standards, and that it empowers pupils to improve their performance. We use written assessments, careful and closely monitored marking, discussion with pupils and response to learning targets.

At key points in the year there are also assessments when pupils’ performance is measured against appropriate personal, school and national expectations.

Using assessment in these ways ensures that we:

  • Enable our children to demonstrate what they know
  • Help our children to recognise the standards for which they should aim
  • Allow our children to understand what they need to do next to improve their work
  • Inform teachers so that they can plan work which accurately reflects the needs of each child
  • Provide regular information for parents
  • Enable staff to identify children who may need specific extension work or help with particular targets

Reporting to parents

We have a range of strategies to keep parents fully informed of their child’s progress in school and offer formal and informal opportunities to meet teachers throughout the year.

A series of parents’ evenings throughout the year allow parents to meet with all subject teachers and Form Teachers, and children’s books are regularly available to parents.

All parents receive written comments on their child’s progress and achievements when they meet with the Form Teacher and also a full detailed report at the end of the Summer term.

Subject teachers, Form Teachers, the Assistant Head (Academic) and the Head are always happy to meet parents to discuss the progress of their children.

Progression to the Upper

The vast majority of pupils progress to the Upper. We plan carefully for a smooth transition: Year 5 and 6 pupils spend days on the Upper site as part of their subject learning and the Head of Lower School at the Upper visits the Prep regularly to teach pupils.

Prep pupils do not sit an entrance test for the Upper; instead there is a process of continuous assessment which takes into account performance in classwork, homework, tests and assessments together with a pupil’s overall commitment to school life. In the event that the Prep Head feels that a move to the Upper is not in the best interests of a pupil he will discuss this with parents in plenty of time for more suitable alternative arrangements to be made.

A number of academic scholarship places are available at the Upper for Prep pupils moving up, as determined by our continuous assessment process. In addition, there are also music scholarships.

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