The Perse School


A place of intellectual curiosity and scholarship


We ignite passions, spark curiosities and foster a spirit of enquiry. At this stage in their school career, it is essential for children to learn to use language effectively and imaginatively in writing and speaking, build solid foundations for mathematical and scientific understanding, and develop as well-rounded learners across the curriculum. Our approach is underpinned by the Perse Learning Philosophy and the desire to instill a genuine love of learning.

Knowledge, skills and understanding all have an important role to play in a twenty-first century education. As such our curriculum goes well beyond nationally expected levels of achievement to challenge pupils, yet is flexible enough to respond to their needs. Lessons are delivered by specialist teachers from the outset, and this enables our pupils to experience the expertise and enthusiasm of teachers who are passionate about their subjects. Children learn in specialist facilities, with access to the very best resources for learning.

Children of this age enjoy being hands-on, so we respond with a creative approach. Pupils could find themselves performing mock angioplasty in a Science Week or dressing up as a Viking during one of our history days. Our teaching is characterised by learning through doing, research and experimentation – both in the classroom or lab and in their homework.

We are fortunate to be located so close to the University of Cambridge, and many of our pupils’ parents are involved in academic life and fascinating research projects. This provides an excellent resource on which to draw for lectures, experiments and projects. We also have many exciting venues on our doorstep, and children enjoy regular trips to local museums, theatres and nature reserves to draw inspiration for their own projects.

Children of this age also need to broaden their horizons by venturing further afield. Year 5 love the annual French trip – often the first time they have gone abroad without their parents. Year 6 enjoy adventure activities on a leavers’ weekend in Norfolk and travel to Holland on a hockey and cultural tour.

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