Perse Travel Award

The Perse Travel Award is a unique initiative designed to provide our Lower Sixth students with the chance to embark on educational adventures during their summer holidays, fostering personal growth, cultural understanding and skill development.

Students can receive up to £200 in financial support to aid their educational journeys, perhaps to help with travel abroad, where they can immerse themselves in different cultures and languages.

For those interested in enhancing their language skills, it’s a golden opportunity to put theory into practice, communicating effectively in real-life settings beyond the classroom.

The Perse Travel Award can also be used to help towards valuable work experience in areas of interest, gaining hands-on knowledge and skills that can be instrumental in shaping future careers.

Read more about the experiences savoured by students this summer with a boost from the Perse Travel Award.

Lottie Fowler

Lottie stayed with a family in Nice and worked in a hotel to improve her French skills.

Mabel Symes

Mabel took part in work experience placements at Diamond Light Source and the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxfordshire.

Tom MacFarlane

Tom stayed with a family in Madrid and also spent time in a rural village to boost his Spanish.

Natalie Ronco

Natalie took part in a Spanish course at Salamanca University and did work experience at a cancer research centre in the city.

Sophia Georgiadis

Sophia took part in a sailing course off the coast of Brittany and increased her knowledge of French.

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