The Perse School

The School Day

Action-packed with fun


Each day is different and may include educational visits, spelling tests, cookery, creative writing, a visit by a zoo, maths challenges or anything else that motivates our children whilst enhancing their learning, developing their problem solving abilities and stimulating their imagination.

Nursery and Reception:

Time Activity
8.00 Children may come into Larks or clubs
8.35 The school day begins and children come into their classrooms
8.50 Registration – time to share
Until 10.00 A range of adult-led and child-led activities take place both inside and outside
10.00 An important activity in the lives of our children: snack! This consists of a drink of milk or water, a piece of fruit and a healthy, energy-giving snack – all provided by the School
10.15 Playtime in our exciting outdoor areas
10.30 Assembly with the whole school
10.45 PE in our spacious hall or outside
12.10 Lunchtime with friends
13.15 Specialist music lesson
13.45 The day continues in a similar way to the morning session
14.45 Storytime and sharing time
15.15 Time to go home, or for Reception to go to ballet or maybe Owls to play with friends and have tea
17.30 All children go home

Years 1 and 2

Time Activity
8.00 Children may come into Larks or go to a club
8.35 The school day begins and children come into their classrooms
8.50 Registration takes place and lessons begin
10.15 Snack
10.30 Assembly with the whole school
10.45 Playtime
11.00 A French lesson with songs and games
11.30 Lesson
12.15 Lunchtime with our friends
13.25 Specialist PE lesson: kung fu, gymnastics, games or dance
14.30 Art, design technology or topic
15.15 Time to go home, attend an after school club or go to Owls to play with friends and have tea
17.30 All children go home


Assemblies bring the School together with a common focus. The children belong to the Pelican family of course, but with visitors from the Prep and Upper, they begin to see themselves as part of the Perse family and – with regular external visitors – part of the wider Cambridge community.

We celebrate individual achievements and special days, and all classes take assembly once a year, to which family and friends are invited. Our Year 1 and 2 children regularly play us in and out of assembly on piano, clarinet, violin, recorder and flute.


Lunch is a sociable time at the School. Staff sit with tables of six or eight children,

Sample Menu:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Main Pasta Bolognese Chipolata Sausages & Gravy Roast of the Day Chicken Tortilla Wrap Battered Fish of the Day
Vegetarian Mushroom and Red Onion Carbonara Sweet Potato & Spinach Curry Mexican Vegetable Wraps Macaroni Cheese Roasted Vegetable Fajitas
Vegetable and potato New Potatoes, Peas Mash, Carrots Roast Potatoes, Broccoli Sweetcorn Chips, Baked Beans
Dessert Ripe fresh fruit Homemade yoghurt Apple Crumble and Custard Homemade Cookies Vanilla Ice Cream


Nursery and Reception children go into and out of their purpose-built outdoor classrooms and gardens throughout the day, while Years 1 and 2 have set times for play in the main playground. Reception joins Years 1 and 2 at lunchtime, providing an opportunity for children to develop friendships with peers in other year groups.

Whatever their age, our spacious, tree-lined playground is a great space for imaginative play or physical challenge – a chance to develop ball skills, build with Lego, or simply sit and chat quietly with friends. Friendship Cottage is a favourite place to meet up, and our enormous sandpit attracts children of all ages.

Early and late stay – Larks and Owls

Children can arrive at school from 8am, and either go to Larks – a relaxed before-school club – or attend a specialist club such as chess, archery, dancing or kung fu.

After school Owls operates from 3.15pm to 5.30pm. We are conscious that children have different needs at the end of the day, just as they do throughout the school day, so there is a wide choice of activities available, including playing on computers, art, building with construction toys, or watching a film, in addition to enjoying the playground equipment.

Tea is included as part of Owls and children are offered a range of sandwiches, fruit and biscuits to eat whilst enjoying the company of their friends.

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