The Perse School

School Life

Nothing is more important than
our children's happiness and wellbeing


A happy, secure, confident child makes excellent all-round progress at school. We focus on helping each child make a smooth transition between home life and their first school and gain the skills to become increasingly independent and resilient.  Our excellent staff ratios and careful planning allow us to identify children’s strengths and areas for development, and to use that insight to provide each and every one of them with the best possible opportunities to be excited about their learning and achieve their full potential.

We understand that the loss of a special ‘cuddly’ or the death of a pet can have a profound effect on a child, so all issues are taken seriously as we work in partnership with our parents for the benefit of our children. Our experienced staff know all the children in the School and are updated regularly on all issues that relate to their pastoral needs.

All children are valued for their individuality, and achievements great and small are celebrated. Every child will receive at least one Golden Brick during their time at the Pelican, an award presented for a special achievement in or outside school. Parents attend the informal ceremony in assembly and later in the day the recipient of the Golden Brick has Golden Tea with the Headmistress.

We give as much thought and care to the development of our children’s social skills as we do to the academic curriculum.  Many of the friendships formed at the Pelican last throughout The Perse, and on into adulthood.

Pelican Parliament

We believe that it is important for children to feel they have an input to the running of their school. Each term classes in Years 1 and 2 vote to choose their representatives for the Pelican Parliament – our version of a school council. Members meet once a fortnight for discussion, and take questions back to their class. Any child can ask a question or make a comment by posting a note in the suggestion box.

The Pelican Parliament has had a significant input into the lunch menu, and into playground activities. MPPs (Members of Pelican Parliament) have visited the Houses of Parliament. They count the votes in school elections, referendums and charities to be supported in school.

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