The Perse School

Beyond the Classroom

Developing confidence, skills and interests


Our extra-curricular provision is broad and aims to provide something of interest to satisfy everyone, allowing all our children the opportunity to sample a variety of activities and discover new hobbies. Whether their talents lie in music, drama, sport, circus skills, kung fu or chess, every child can flourish and broaden their range of skills outside the curriculum.


Our youngest Perseans love nothing more than taking to the stage in performances for friends and family.

In addition to classroom drama sessions, all year groups participate in a variety of productions. Within a few weeks of starting school, Nursery take to the stage to perform a simple, traditional nativity for their parents, complete with actions and plenty of smiles. In Reception and Year 1 their skills develop and their confidence grows.

In Year 2 the productions gradually become more complex and are enjoyed by performers and audiences alike. All plays are performed enthusiastically and it is wonderful to see how the children’s confidence on stage develops as they move through the School. Children may be involved in writing plays and parts are allocated by pulling names from a hat in front of the children, so that everyone has the same chance to have a leading role.

When they move on to the Prep the experiences the children have had stand them in good stead to take part in productions such as Bugsy Malone or Oliver!


We hope to instil a lifelong love of music in our pupils.

Music is an important part of school life and the School often echoes to the sound of children’s voices united in song. Our specialist music teacher takes choir for all those in Years 1 and 2 who would like to participate. The choir attends the regional Music for Youth festival annually and has attended the national finals. In addition, there is a handbell group and a Pelican band for children to develop their skills further.

Children have the opportunity to compose music together and learn notation as well as develop their singing skills using the Kodaly method.

Children play in assemblies and there are annual recitals – all good for developing the confidence to perform for an audience.

From around Year 1 children may also have individual instrumental lessons in the piano, violin, recorder, flute, fife or clarinet.


Physical development goes hand in hand with academic development here at the Pelican. There is specialist games, gymnastics and kung fu coaching from Reception to Year 2. All children in the School have specialist dance lessons each week.

We are fortunate in having a range of facilities at our disposal: our spacious playground, light and airy hall and extensive PE equipment. In addition, the children relish visiting the playing fields at the Upper, only a five minute walk away.

Sports day is one of the highlights of the Pelican calendar.

Before and after school clubs

School provides much more than a core curriculum. Our extra-curricular clubs aim to provide something for everyone from Reception up to Year 2.

Our current offer includes chess, kung fu, archery, ballet, gymnastics, multi-sports, drama, music and street dance – all led by specialist coaches and teachers. The children love the change of focus and enjoy mixing across their year or key stage group. In some clubs there is the opportunity to work towards nationally recognised awards such as Royal Academy of Dance ballet exams and BAGA gym awards.




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