The Perse School

Years 1 and 2

Ready for new challenges


Reception and Year 1 teaching staff make careful arrangements to ensure that Reception children look forward to starting their Key Stage 1 learning (five to seven years old, Years 1 and 2). They move up with their friends, secure in their knowledge of classroom layout, learning expectations and class routines.

Every class benefits from its own well-qualified teacher and teaching assistant. With their guidance, pupils become confident learners who feel reassured by their firm foundation of core skills – skills that they increasingly apply to a variety of problem-solving challenge across the curriculum. Specialist teachers and coaches take the children for games, kung fu, dance, gymnastics and music (children can also join our choir and band).

Our aim is to inspire our children and help them discover areas of interest that motivate their learning now, and suggest exciting possibilities for future study. Our pond might prove the inspiration for a future Jacques Cousteau or David Attenborough, while our design technology challenges might lead a child to aspire to follow in the footsteps of Brunel.

All children need life skills, so we nurture creativity, help them develop team and leadership skills, and encourage them to both concentrate and persevere.

Learning is often organised into relevant topics that frequently include a trip in and around Cambridge; by Year 2 children are sufficiently mature to enjoy a one night residential trip in Burwell. For some, this will be their first night away from home – a rite of passage that helps them prepare for their move up to the Prep.

At this stage children are introduced to another language (currently Spanish for Year 1 and French for Year 2). We provide practical opportunities for its use, such as buying items at a market stall, or holding Languages Day where children have the chance to celebrate their additional languages from around the world, explaining to others about particular aspects of culture from their original home countries.


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