The Perse School

Nursery and Reception

Putting your child's needs
at the heart of what we do


No two children – in the Early Years in particular – are at the same stage of development. We regularly assess each child’s abilities and skills to ensure we are meeting their individual needs.

Our curriculum includes personal, social and emotional development; communication, language and literacy; mathematical development; and physical and creative development – along with knowledge and understanding of our world. We carefully construct each day to ensure it provides a mix of adult-led and child-initiated learning, and a combination of indoor and outdoor activities – the latter most often in our external classrooms.

Depending on the sessions for which Nursery children are in school, they can also benefit from specialist music and dance lessons, and from Reception they also enjoy specialist games and kung fu teaching.

Throughout these early years we focus on helping the children form strong relationships, embrace appropriate challenge, take on responsibilities and become increasingly independent. All of this helps build their self-esteem and resilience. Each week the Nursery children take it in turns to take our mascot Percy Pelican home for the weekend, then share his experiences with the class – good for their confidence and for developing crucial speaking and listening skills.

It is a smooth transition to Reception, with many of the classroom strategies remaining the same as those they are familiar with from their time in Nursery, coupled with increasing expectations of them as the year progresses. Every day they will enjoy reading, writing and number work alongside physical and creative activities, as well as activities that develop conversation and collaboration skills.

Reading books go home each night and we encourage parents to use our reading diaries to let us know how it is going.





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