The Perse School


We nurture a passion for lifelong learning


We provide a rich and stimulating curriculum that takes into account pupils’ individual interests, setting similar learning objectives in a range of different contexts in different years. We endeavour to provide an education where all pupils reach their potential in all areas of the curriculum. Children learn through a range of play-based activities as well as more formal methods of learning and have many opportunities to develop independence.

We meet children’s individual needs with our staffing ratios of one adult to 10 children for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 (and one to eight in Nursery) – meaning every child receives the attention he or she requires, whether that be extra support to embed a concept or open-ended challenges for those who have mastered it and are keen to extend their knowledge.

Smartboards, PCs and iPads are all in daily use at the Pelican, which enables the children to work independently by making videos or taking photographs, and assists staff in delivering the curriculum in diverse and interesting ways. Year 2 get to grips with computer programming, working to program a game, which other children thoroughly enjoy playing at the end of the project.

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