Innovative projects at Perse Prep independent study show

Incredible creativity and impressive ingenuity were on display as Year 6 pupils highlighted their projects at the Perse Prep Independent Research Exhibition.

More than 40 children showcased the wide variety of inspiring work they had been carrying out as part of their homework schedule during the Summer term.

They enjoyed sharing more about their projects, based on hobbies and interests, as other members of their year group toured the exhibition.

Ben created a 3D map of the scene surrounding the Battle of Salamis, considered the biggest battle of the ancient world. He used a range of materials including carpet underlay, polystyrene foam and toilet paper, plus straws for the ships, to make the stunning scene.

Siobhan produced an ingenious money box, using wood and PVA glue with holes cut to different sizes to separate coins into different sections when they are rolled down the chute.

Meanwhile, robots were put to different uses by Matthew and Sophie for their innovative projects.

Matthew made a plant-watering robot using electronic sensors linked up to a micro:bit coded to detect when the soil is too dry. Messages are then sent to a connected pump to automatically water the plants as required.

Sophie built a Lego robot car with a pen attached that could write words or patterns as it moved based on code programmed into the machine.

Amazing artist Juno created a wonderfully evocative midnight sky scene using acrylic paints, while Samantha showed off her sense of style by taking pairs of white shoes and transforming them into unique pieces of footwear with dazzling designs.

James demonstrated his culinary skills by producing a video of himself making a dish of noodles with chicken and green beans that could be followed by other keen cooks.

Prep Assistant Head (Academic) Tobias Bown said: “We had a record number of Year 6 pupils want to take part this year which is great.

“Although we give them some ideas, they are free to do what they like and the variety of projects this year is probably the widest it’s ever been.”


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