Perse Prep pupils have plenty of fun in France

Seventy Perse Prep Year 5 pupils savoured a trip across the Channel to experience life en France.

Together with eight teachers, they spent four days in the town of Rue and began their adventure with a visit to the bakery, where they kneaded dough to make baguettes before having a go at creating croissants, all while having their language skills thoroughly tested by le boulanger.

Another culinary class was on the menu to start day two as the children whipped up their own mayonnaise before heading off to the market to demonstrate their flair with French.

They then spent the afternoon making kites before testing out their creations and tucking into a well-deserved ice cream.

There was no bleating around the bush the following day with the pupils enjoying a visit to a goat farm, where they gave grain to some of the adult animals and bottle-fed the babies. They even had the chance to name six of the newly-born kids – Étoile, Barbe, Toffee, Satsuma, Bailey and Chandler – before learning about how goats’ cheese is made and having a taste.

The group then travelled to the nearby World War I battlefields and memorials and had time to reflect on the sacrifices made by those who served during the early 20th Century.

A final evening of fun around the campfire followed with hot chocolate and marshmallows, but before heading home, there was still time for the youngsters to have an amazing visit to Nausicaa, Europe’s biggest aquarium, where the giant manta ray stole the show.


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