Perse pupils get a kick out of national taekwon-do triumphs

Rebecca Alexander (Year 10) and Sophia Alexander (Year 7) struck gold at the ITF England National Taekwon-Do Championships in Newcastle.

Representing Cambridge Taekwon-Do, the sisters came away with a collection of medals up against the top martial artists in their categories.

Rebecca earned two golds in the girls’ 12 to 14 year old black belt section, taking both the patterns and special technique titles.

Meanwhile, in the girls’ 12 to 14 year old red tag class, Sophia claimed gold in patterns and bronze in special technique.

The patterns event sees competitors perform a set sequence of moves in front of a panel of judges, while in the special technique discipline, participants produce a series of jumping kicks to hit targets at different heights.

Rebecca said: “It was my first time taking part in a competition as a black belt, so there were a lot of different people I hadn’t competed against before.

“I wasn’t expecting anything because it was such a major competition, so it was really exciting to get two golds.”

Sophia said: “It was a very big competition, so I was quite nervous but also very excited about it. I was so pleased to get a gold and a bronze as I never expected it.”


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