Computer science research by Perse student published in leading journal

Amaan Jamil (left) and journal article co-author Perse computer science teacher Gyorgy Denes

Amaan Jamil (Upper Sixth) has had his research into user interface (UI) accessibility for people with colour blindness published in a leading computer science journal.

Having initially investigated the topic for his Rouse Award project during Lower Sixth, he gave a presentation about his work at the Computer Graphics and Vision Conference (CGVC) – at which he was the youngest speaker – last September.

Such was the positive response to his talk at the prestigious computer science industry event, Amaan was invited to submit an extended paper for inclusion in the MDPI Computers journal.

He teamed up with Perse computer science teacher Gyorgy Denes, who had supervised his Rouse Award project, to create an online experiment in which participants had to rate the functionality and look of screenshots from 20 websites, along with three further versions of each simulated to appear as they may to colour blind users.

Amaan said: “We had this hypothesis that there needs to be some more adaptations of UI for colour blind users and the experiment gave us a lot of results.

“We deliberately chose the websites we used based on how popular and prevalent they were to make all the research realistic.

“We found that applications implementing custom colour blind modes for UI would probably be the best solution to help those users in terms of functionality and aesthetics.”

Amaan felt he could not have completed the project without the help of Dr Denes, who co-authored the journal article.

He said: “Without Dr Denes, I wouldn’t have been able to get that clarity of writing needed. His knowledge on research fed directly into what I was doing.

“It made life a lot easier because I could run with a concept and he could say ‘this will work, this might not work’ and help me channel it, so I learned so much about the research experience from working with Dr Denes.

“I’ve had some really good opportunities through this project and seeing the article published gives a sense of validation of your work.”


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