Perse pupils prepare for Duke of Edinburgh Bronze expedition

More than 80 Year 10 pupils practised for their forthcoming Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Bronze qualifying expedition by taking a hike around Chrishall Grange.

They tested their navigation skills and got to know their team-mates on the first day before arriving back at camp with smiles on their faces to join each other around the campfire for hot chocolate and biscuits.

Day two tested the teams’ resolve as it started to rain, but it provided an excellent learning opportunity for pupils to find out how good their equipment was and how well they could maintain their morale.

Perse DofE Manager Thomas Cranmer said: “I was very impressed with how pupils were able to work together to solve problems throughout the weekend, whether it was getting back on the right track after taking a wrong turn while navigating or fixing a piece of equipment.”


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