Perse students hit the bullseye for England selection

Perse students are on target for international success after being selected for the England squad for the annual British Schools Small-bore Rifle Association (BSSRA) Match.

Arina Milke (Year 9), Carla Campos Zanotti Gerosa and Maia Polonius (both Year 11) have been named in the England A team for the competition, where they face opponents from the other Home Nations.

Katya Verzhbitskaya (Upper Sixth) has been included in the B team, while Neve Chua (Year 9) and Sophie Ji (Lower Sixth) are in the C team, and Alisha Brown and Sophia Chua (both Lower Sixth) the D team.

There will also be a major cohort of Perse students taking part in the national finals of the BSSRA Senior and Junior Championships.

Carla Campos Zanotti Gerosa, Neve Chua, Sophie Ji and Katya Verzhbitskaya have all made it through to the senior finals.

Meanwhile, seven Perse pupils have reached the junior finals, including Carla Campos Zanotti Gerosa and Maia Polonius, who both scored top marks of 200 out of 200 in the qualifying round.

They will be joined by Harley Parvin-Chambers, Laetitia Lowe, Hanrong Zeng (all Year 10), Neve Chua and Arina Milke.


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