It’s snow time for Perse ski trip

Year 11 pupils Sam Perkins and James Jijo share their thoughts on the Perse ski trip to the Italian Dolomites.

Sam Perkins

The ski trip to Folgarida-Marilleva has been one of the highlights of my time at The Perse. I loved the ski trip so much because it gave me a chance to do two of my favourite things – skiing and travelling! The fact I could also do this with my friends made this truly one of the best trips the school offers.

The resort provided a great location for our trip, which offered around 50 places, making it viable for people from any skill range from Years 9 to 11.

Some of the most memorable moments of this year’s trip were the beautiful views of the whole landscape (especially towards Madonna di Campiglio, ‘the pearl of the Dolomites’), the progression in my skiing ability, and the fun I had with my friends travelling and skiing together.

Overall, the snow conditions were excellent in the mornings, even though they were sometimes a little icy. In the afternoons, the snow became softer and formed moguls which helped me to progress on tougher terrains.

Mr Mahendra (Perse Assistant Director of Sport) was a wonderful leader the whole week and planned an excellent trip that made the absolute most of the time that we had.

James Jijo

I’ve always been amazed by the school’s diverse range of sports opportunities, and skiing was a new addition to my growing list of new sports to try out. This trip was an opportunity I couldn’t miss.

I took a step on the fresh, powdered snow and joined the beginner group’s skiing lesson. I was instantly flooded with happiness, in awe of the surreal beauty of snow-capped peaks on the surrounding mountains.

The serene atmosphere embraced my new-found enthusiasm for skiing. My initial apprehensions were transformed into excitement for the days ahead.

As the week unfolded, so did my ski journey, guided by the fantastic and incredibly friendly ski instructor Barbara. Moving from tentative snowploughs on gentle green slopes, I gradually gained confidence under her patient guidance.

With each passing day, she gently pushed me to tackle slightly more challenging terrain, gradually refining my technique. I advanced from basic manoeuvres to confidently navigating the more demanding red slopes whilst beginning to implement parallel turns.

The sense of accomplishment was palpable. By the end of the week, I was amazed at the progress I had made. This gradual improvement not only boosted my confidence, but also deepened my appreciation for both skiing and the beauty of the mountains.


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