Friendships formed as Spanish students visit The Perse

Perse pupils enjoyed making new friends while supplementing their skills en Español during a series of visits from Spanish students.

Across a range of year groups, pupils from four schools in northern Spain were welcomed by their Perse counterparts for fun and immersive sessions in each other’s languages during Lent term.

They included Colegio Kostka Santander (Year 10 and Year 7), IES La Marina Santa Cruz de Bezana (Year 11), Colegio Esclava Sagrado Corazon Santander (Year 10) and Colegio Sagrada Familia (Year 8).

The project, organised in collaboration with Links into Spanish and Cantabria’s Network for Primary and Secondary Schools, aimed to give more Perse pupils the chance to take a deep dive into the language beyond the regular Spanish trips for students in Years 8 and 10.

In small groups, Perse and Spanish pupils took part in lots of collaborative activities, games and challenges whereby the learners became the teachers and vice versa.

They developed their oracy in a variety of settings, including the Year 7 Kostka pupils being introduced to netball. They also compared the cultures, traditions and history of their respective schools and cities.

GCSE Spanish pupils also focused on presentations on topics such as music, festivals and the environment, with the aim of encouraging confidence, spontaneity and team building.

Long-lasting friendships could also be on the cards with Year 7 pupils encouraged to become pen pals through extra-curricular clubs following their meeting.

Following the success of the programme, it is hoped to grow the project so that each year group has a Spanish immersion day every year as they move through the school.


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