Training camp gets Perse students set for Himalayan adventure

Forty adventurous Perse students engaged in a rigorous training camp in the Cairngorms in preparation for this year’s PES Summit 12 expedition to the Himalayas.

The intense programme in northern Scotland saw the group gain crucial skills, including avalanche awareness and rescue techniques, use of crampons and ice axes and movement on steep and demanding terrain to ensure they are ready for the challenge awaiting them in India this summer.

Additionally, they learned about medical care in remote settings, covering field treatment protocols and evacuation methods.

Weather conditions in the Cairngorms were challenging with strong winds and limited snow cover, but the students overcame such obstacles to ascend to higher altitudes and push through to the snowline.

This immense effort proved worthwhile as it exposed the group to hard-packed snow with a steep gradient, similar to the glaciated terrain awaiting them in the Himalayas.

Perse Head of Outdoor Pursuits Ben Parker said: “Despite the demanding circumstances, the group demonstrated exceptional teamwork and cohesion.

“The trip served as an invaluable test of the skills acquired during their training sessions throughout the year. This experience reinforced key skills, better preparing pupils for their summer expedition to the challenging landscapes of the Indian Himalayas.”


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