Perse tennis ace all set for national tournament

Olivia Kaser (Year 9) is aiming to be a smash at the Lexus National Junior Tour tennis tournament in Sunderland next week.

Ranked 35th in the country in her age group, she hopes to carry on climbing up the standings by performing well in both the girls’ U14 singles and doubles events at what are the LTA’s Grade 2 national championships.

As she will be unseeded, Olivia will be drawn against two seeds and one other unseeded player in the pool stage of the singles draw, with the top two in each group moving on to the knockout phase.

Olivia, who trains at David Lloyd, Hills Road Tennis Centre and Gosling Sports Park in Welwyn Garden City, said she was looking forward to testing herself against some of the UK’s top young players.

She said: “I started playing at this level at U10, but as you get older, everything feels a lot more professional and people are really starting to get into the spirit of aspiring to do good things in tennis.

“I’ve heard that the courts are quite fast in Sunderland and it’s indoors so there are no weather conditions to contend with, so it’s all down to you how you play.

“I’m feeling quite good and I’m hopeful I can make it into the main draw for the knockout stage, but all the girls are good players. I just need to focus, work hard and give it my all whoever I’m playing because the most determined will get through.”

Olivia also has high hopes of performing well in the doubles with Scottish player Becky MacLeod.

She said: “Becky is a good friend of mine and I love playing doubles because it’s less of an individual sport, as well as feeling a lot more fast-paced, so I’m really looking forward to that.”

However, despite having ambitions of earning a tennis scholarship to a US university, Olivia said she was keen to carry on playing a wide range of sports for as long as possible.

“I love playing netball, cricket, hockey, you name it, and I think that helps keep a balance,” she said.

“Individual sports can be draining because it’s all on you, so playing team sports alongside tennis is just fun, as well as being social and good for your body.”


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