Perse Prep actors take Centre Stage for One Night Only

For One Night Only, Year 5 Centre Stage actors wowed The Perse Prep with their latest marvellous musical production.

Twenty-five pupils threw themselves into the fun-filled show, written and directed by Prep Assistant Head (Academic) Tobias Bown, with music and lyrics from Director of Music Paul Harris and Director of Enrichment Jules Reston respectively.

In a classic tale of friendship and teamwork overcoming adversity, One Night Only sees a group of children, the Theatre Kids, come together to stage a talent show to raise money for repairs to their local theatre which is under threat of being knocked down and replaced with luxury accommodation.

The main developer wants to close the theatre as she had a bad experience in a show as a child and now hates anything to do with the stage.

However, the talent show is a major success and the developer realises the joy of theatre, so changes her mind and the venue is saved.

Mr Bown was thrilled with how One Night Only had gone and highlighted how the Year 5 cast had even devised an unscripted section of the show themselves.

He said: “The children worked on the ‘bad auditions’ for the talent show for the last few months. They featured madcap comedy, such as poor instrumental performances, erratic dancing, acting scenes that didn’t make sense and jokes so bad they would never make it into a real show!”


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