Perse students display brainpower in national neuroscience finals

Perse students had their minds set on success at the British Brain Bee national finals in London.

With only the top 50 entrants qualifying from the online first round of the neuroscience competition, an impressive total of seven Perse students made it through to the finals, including three Year 10 pupils – Hannah Wiseman, Amelie Brown and Anya Jack – plus Charlotte Hipperson, Kelda Lee, Ellice Chen (all Upper Sixth) and Alicia Li-Yan-Hui (Lower Sixth).

In preparation for the national finals, the students had to revise the 600-page textbook Essential Neuroscience, and learn 20 neurological disorders, more than 70 anatomical structures and more than 30 histological sections (examples of tissues under the microscope).

However, they were well supported by the student-led Perse NeuroSoc in the run-up to event, which saw them take a written paper, followed by an anatomy and histology test, in which students were required to label parts of the brain and their functions from dissections and microscope slides.

Students continued with a clinical activity, in which they were given information on a patient’s symptoms and history before being asked to provide their diagnosis.

Four Perse students – Hannah, Alicia, Charlotte and Kelda – made it into the top 10, which saw them go on to take part in a live question-and-answer session to further test their neuroscience know-how.

Hannah came an excellent third overall, with Alicia eighth, Charlotte ninth and Kelda 10th, while Ellice was ranked first in the patient diagnosis activity.


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