Diagnosis is success for Perse pupil in medical case study competition

Riddhi Bhimpuria (Year 11) displayed diagnostic dexterity to win an international medical case study competition.

Despite being up against teams of up to three students, she claimed top prize with her individual work in the competition, arranged by MedSTEMPowered – an organisation that hosts online and in-person STEM camps and programmes for students worldwide.

Riddhi said: “My mum found the competition on social media, and I’m quite interested in neurology, so I thought I’d give it a go.

“It was quite good fun as I got to do a lot of research while doing the competition so I’m really glad I entered.

“I actually found out I’d won on my birthday! I was quite excited because I put in a lot of work and gave it my all.”

Participants were given the case of a man in his mid-fifties with a variety of symptoms and had to give a diagnosis of his illness, as well as provide an innovative solution for how it could be treated, within a 700-word abstract.

The top six submissions were then invited to make video presentations, stating their cases and justifying the reasoning behind their conclusions, from which the judges made their decision.

Riddhi said: “The organisers gave us some websites to look at, including a directory where it has every disease possible, and you can check for symptoms to see if they align.

“I thought initially it was Parkinson’s disease, but then I investigated it a bit more and ended up diagnosing Lewy body dementia, which is less known about but has certain symptoms that are slightly different, and I went with stem cell therapy as a possible solution.

“I enjoyed looking at the medical background of the disease and how the disease presents itself. It was also interesting researching innovative treatments and comparing them to current treatments.”


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