Colourful creations add wow factor to Perse Prep art exhibition

Astounding pupil artworks have added a splash of colour for visitors to this year’s Perse Prep art exhibition.

Year 3 children studied the life and works of Vincent van Gogh and made beautiful paintings inspired by the famous Dutch artist’s famous piece Iris. They also developed their drawing skills by creating vintage toy cars using tonal pencils and blending sticks.

Claude Monet and Berthe Morisot inspired Year 4 as they produced sensational seasonal tree paintings in response to the Impressionist artists’ work. Following on from this, they created and decorated intricate three-dimensional trees out of card.

Contemporary Brazilian abstract painter Beatriz Milhazes provided the starting point for the excellent efforts of Year 5 as they created colourful compositions while exploring paper weaving and printmaking. The pupils also developed their still life photography skills after creating their own photography studios in the Prep art department.

Meanwhile, Year 6 explored the work of ceramicist Lucie Rie and abstract painter and designer Sonia Delaunay.

They each created and glazed a hand-built coil pot in the experimental style of Rie, and a colourful painting in the bold, bright, and geometric style of Delaunay.

Prep Head of Art Dan Wansell was thrilled with the quality of pupil artwork on display.

He added: “We’ve been working hard throughout the school on increasing awareness of diversity and equality and that’s reflected in the many female artists we’ve been exploring this year.”


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