Brilliant Blood Brothers production by Perse actors

Family ties bound Perse Middle School actors together in their excellent production of Blood Brothers.

Although better known as a musical, the Perse actors performed the play version of Willy Russell’s work, which followed the ultimately tragic lives of Liverpudlian twins Eddie and Mickey, who were separated at birth and brought up amid different circumstances before meeting up and becoming ‘blood brothers’.

Directed by Perse drama teachers Jonathan Black and Tom Cox, the production enjoyed impressive audiences on both nights in the Peter Hall Performing Arts Centre. A collection raised funds for New Incentives, a charity aimed at improving healthcare in Nigeria.

Mr Black explained: “We wanted to do something which was a new challenge for the students and had quite a clear geographical, political and historical context to it, so we thought this would work well, and it’s obviously a well-known show.

“It was quite different from other pieces of drama they’ve done in school, but they really took it on board.
“Tom especially did a lot of work on accents with them. They went away and gave the Scouse accent a go, which was good to see. They rose to the challenge of playing those characters and showed a great variety in their acting.”

Such was the level of interest and ability, two separate casts performed Blood Brothers on each night.

Mr Black said: “We had 17 actors in each cast, so 34 in total, and we doubled up the main roles of Mickey, Eddie and Linda so there were young and old versions of those characters.

“We were overwhelmed by how many talented students auditioned and we wanted as many pupils to be involved as possible, so having two casts was the best way to go.

“The main thing for me was seeing the progress of the students from where they started from to where they ended, that was fantastic.”


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