Perse pupils get into disco groove with charity show

Perse pupils got down to some funky sounds for One Night Only in a disco-themed show for charity.

Following on from the success of last year’s student-led musical revue, Katie Richards and Ines Nunez-Sullivan (both Upper Sixth) took on the challenge of organising this year’s event, with funds raised for the Sixth Form Charities Committee’s chosen cause, eating disorder charity Beat.

The Perse drama scholars compered the show and sang a duet of ABBA’s Thank You For the Music, while Katie also strutted her stuff as part of the Senior Dance Club’s groovy performance.

With students from Year 7 to Upper Sixth involved, the event featured a wide range of performances from singers, musicians and dancers, and even a short whodunnit play, entitled Murder at the Disco, performed by the Junior Drama Club.

Katie and Ines admitted it had been a lot of work putting One Night Only together, but they felt it had been a worthwhile and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Ines said: “There are lots of good drama and music opportunities here, but pupils don’t usually get the chance to choose their own thing and perform it in front of people, so opening the stage up to them was really cool, and it was great to be able to help a good cause like Beat as well.”

Katie added: “We got pupils to submit what they wanted to do so we could get the backing tracks and then we had one-to-one sessions with them in the two weeks beforehand to see if they needed any help or advice for their performances.

“We had to organise the technical and dress rehearsals and I went up to the Loft and raided the costume store for the outfits for the group numbers!”

As for the show itself, they were thrilled with how the performers launched themselves into the disco vibe.

Ines said: “I was so impressed by with them. I feel you can practise as much as you like, but the final ingredient is having an audience. The adrenaline made it all come alive on the night and you could see how much everyone enjoyed it.”


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