Perse students are hotshots in national competitions

Perse students have been right on target at major British Schools Small-bore Rifle Association (BSSRA) competitions this term.

In the BSSRA Winter Open at Bisley, Arina Milke (Year 9) was in excellent form as she came third overall with a total of 385 out of 400. She was also the highest-ranked 13-year-old competitor.

Sophie Ji (Lower Sixth) and Carla Campos Zanotti Gerosa (Year 11) were seventh and eighth overall respectively with scores of 382 and 381, with the latter also the top 15-year-old participant.

Arina Milke and Carla Campos Zanotti Gerosa won both the senior and junior pairs titles with their impressive aggregate scores of 766 out of 800.

Laetitia Lowe (Year 10) and Amelie Hardy (Year 11) came fifth in the junior pairs with 746, while Neve Chua (Year 9) and Maia Polonius (Year 11) were 10th with 738.

The team of Arina Milke, Sophie Ji, Carla Campos Zanotti Gerosa, Neve Chua, Amelie Hardy, Georgina Cheng (Year 11), Katya Verzhbitskaya (Upper Sixth) and Maia Polonius took bronze in the eights category with 2,988 out of 3,200.

Meanwhile in the fours competition, Arina Milke, Carla Campos Zanotti Gerosa, Neve Chua and Maia Polonius just missed out on a medal with fourth place after hitting a total of 1,504 out of 1,600.

At the English Schools Championships, also held at Bisley, Maia Polonius and Neve Chua claimed the junior pairs crown with 383 out of 400, a score that was also enough for them to finish sixth in the senior pairs. Arina Milke and Carla Campos Zanotti Gerosa came sixth in the junior pairs with 380.

Both Perse duos joined forces in the fours competition to finish fourth with 763 out of 800.

There was further success in the BSSRA Autumn League, with the team of Neve Chua, Amelie Hardy, Laetitia Lowe and Arina Milke winning Section 2, Division 1.


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