Conference is Heaven for Perse religious studies pupils

Year 11 Perse religious studies (RS) pupils gained a deeper insight into Christianity and ethics at a special conference in London.

They attended the Heaven? conference at Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church, London, which centred around key themes in the GCSE syllabus, including the concept of God, the problem of evil and suffering, and sin and salvation.

The event, which was run by Dr Peter Vardy – an internationally-renowned leader in the field of religious studies, philosophy, ethics and values education – culminated in a debate around the idea of life after death.

Perse philosophy, ethics and religion teacher Henry Craig, who led the visit, said: “The trip went very well. Dr Vardy also talked of the benefits of studying RS, including how intellectually stimulating the subject is.

“He was very complimentary of our pupils, who engaged in the lively debate and put some great thoughts forward. We look forward to attending again next year.”


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